Simple Budget Spreadsheet

Please read this page to complete your Simple Budget Spreadsheet quickly & easily.


Welcome! Your budget has a built-in guide that you can use instead of these instructions. In the top-right corner of every page you’ll find an INFO (i) cell:

  1. Hover the mouse over the INFO (i) to read a guide to the page.
  2. Fill in only the cells that are HIGHLIGHTED for you.
  3. For useful tips Read Notes to cells that have a black corner.

NOTE: We recommend using your budget at 75% zoom (see the dropdown at the top).

How To Complete Your Budget:

  1. Enter the Start & End date of your Paycheck.
  2. Enter the types of Income & Spending (e.g, INCOME: ‘Salary’, ‘Bonus’, ‘Business Income’; EXPENSES: ‘Groceries’, ‘Eating Out’, ‘Transport’, ‘Fuel’, ‘Clothes’; BILLS: ‘Electricity’, ‘Gas’, ‘Internet’, ‘Water’ etc.).
  3. Enter Planned amounts of Income & Spending for the period (highlighted).
  4. Enter Due Dates for bills, subscriptions and debt, if any (highlighted). Double-click the cell to choose from the calendar OR enter it manually in any format.
  5. Enter the Actual amounts of Income & Spending for the period (highlighted).
  6. The ‘Overview’ table will be autofilled and will show the summary of your budget totals. The charts will populate as you complete the budget.


Using The Budget For Next Periods:

  1. Either clear the ‘Simple Budget’ tab to use it again, OR to save previous period data, duplicate the budget tab (right-click the tab >> Duplicate) and rename the copy.
  2. Clear all entries – Clear ONLY the highlighted cells with your entries. To bulk clear cells, select the first cell >> holding ‘Shift’, select the last cell in a column >> hit ‘Delete’.
  3. Change the Month in the dropdown.
  4. Change the Start & End date.

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