Debt Tracker Spreadsheet (Debt Payoff / Debt Snowball)

Please read this page to complete your Debt Tracker Spreadsheet (Debt Payoff / Debt Snowball) quickly & easily.


Welcome! Your budget has a built-in guide that you can use instead of these instructions. In the top-right corner of every page you’ll find an INFO (i) cell:

  1. Hover the mouse over the INFO (i) to read a guide to the page.
  2. Fill in only the cells that are HIGHLIGHTED for you.
  3. For useful tips Read Notes to cells that have a black corner.

NOTE: We recommend using your budget at 75% zoom (see the dropdown at the top).

How To Complete Your Spreadsheet (Tab by Tab):


NOTE: This spreadsheet includes a BONUS Spending Breakdown on the Transaction tab. If you want to see your full spending breakdown, complete all steps below (Steps 1, 2 & 3). If you intend to use ONLY the Debt Tracker, then complete only Steps 1 & 3.

  1. Choose your currency & year (left-hand side).
  2. In the tables ‘INCOME & EXPENSES CATEGORIES’ enter types of your Income, Expenses, Bills, Savings, Subscriptions & Debt into the HIGHLIGHTED cells (for ideas check out the Notes in the first cell of every column).
  3. In the table ‘DEBT PAYOFF (DEBT SNOWBALL)’ the column ‘Debt Types’ is autofilled from the tables on the left. Choose your Start Date by double-clicking the relevant cell. Enter your Monthly Extra, if any (extra money to use for debt payoff). For each debt enter your Balance (current amount to pay off), Min.Pay (minimum monthly payments) and Interest (interest rate) into the HIGHLIGHTED cells.

Go to Transactions >>


  1. Enter every transaction as it comes. Fields to complete are: Date, Amount & Income/Spending (highlighted). The rest is autofilled for you.
  2. To enter Date you can double-click the cell to choose from the calendar OR enter it manually in any format.
  3. To enter the type of Income/Spending, click the arrow and choose from the dropdown. You can also start typing for options to pop up.

Continue to Debt >>


This tab will be autofilled except for the month and the adjustment of monthly payments (optional).

  1. Choose a month from the dropdown (top left corner).
  2. If any monthly payment adjustments are needed, enter the amounts under ‘ADJ.’ in the table on the left (highlighted). Otherwise, leave blank. Any adjustments here will automatically adjust all the debts in order. If you need to adjust an individual debt, simply enter a larger transaction for that debt in the Transactions tab.
  3. The remaining data on this tab will be fully autofilled for you as you complete the Transactions tab throughout the year.


Using The Debt Tracker For Next Periods:


  1. Clear all entries (date, amount & income/spending only) to use it again. Clear ONLY the highlighted cells with your entries.
  2. To bulk clear cells, select the first cell >> holding ‘Shift’ + ‘Command’ >> click ‘Down Arrow’ >> hit ‘Delete’.


Update your details on the Settings tab, if required. Add more debt types, if any. On the Debt tab change the month to view the updated data.

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