50/30/20 Budget Spreadsheet

Please read this page to complete your 50/30/20 Budget Spreadsheet quickly & easily.


Welcome! Your budget has a built-in guide that you can use instead of these instructions. In the top-right corner of every page you’ll find an INFO (i) cell:

  1. Hover the mouse over the INFO (i) to read a guide to the page.
  2. Fill in only the cells that are HIGHLIGHTED for you.
  3. For useful tips Read Notes to cells that have a black corner.

NOTE: We recommend using your budget at 75% zoom (see the dropdown at the top).

How To Complete Your Budget:

  1. Enter the start balance, if any. (This is the money left from previous periods that you would like to include in the current budget.)
  2. Enter the types of Income & Spending (e.g, INCOME: ‘Salary’, ‘Bonus’, ‘Business Income’; EXPENSES: ‘Groceries’, ‘Eating Out’, ‘Transport’, ‘Fuel’, ‘Clothes’; BILLS: ‘Electricity’, ‘Gas’, ‘Internet’, ‘Water’ etc.).
  3. Enter Planned amounts of Needs, Wants & Savings for the period (highlighted).
  4. Enter Due Dates for bills, subscriptions and debt, if any (highlighted). Double-click the cell to choose from the calendar OR enter it manually in any format.
  5. Enter Actual amounts of Needs, Wants & Savings for the period (highlighted).
  6. The ‘Overview’ & the ‘Breakdown’ tables will be autofilled and will show a summary of your budget totals & a comparison of the targeted 50/30/20 money allocation with your actual spending & savings. The charts will populate as you complete the budget.


Using The Budget For Next Periods:

  1. Either clear the ’50/30/20 Budget’ tab to use it again, OR to save previous period data, duplicate the budget tab (right-click the tab >> Duplicate) and rename the copy.
  2. Clear all entries – Clear ONLY the highlighted cells with your entries. To bulk clear cells, select the first cell >> holding ‘Shift’, select the last cell in a column >> hit ‘Delete’.
  3. Change the Month in the dropdown.
  4. Change the Start & End date.

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