Monthly & Weekly Planner

Please read this page to complete your Monthly & Weekly Planner quickly & easily.


Welcome! Your planner has a ‘HOW TO USE’ tab that you can read instead of these instructions.

NOTE: We recommend using your planner either at 50 – 75% zoom (see the dropdown at the top).

1. Choose The Current Year

  • On the SETTINGS tab enter the current year in the ‘YYYY’ format. Once you do this, all tabs will be updated automatically.
  • This planner can be used every year. Simply make a copy, clear the entries and change the year.

2. Choose Your Week Start and your Time Zone

  • On the SETTINGS tab, choose Monday or Sunday week start and time you need to start your daily schedule with.
  • To set up your time zone, click FILE >> SETTINGS >> GENERAL and select your time zone.

3. Customise Your Sections and Lists

  • On the SETTINGS tab rename your sections and lists.
  • IMPORTANT: Update the white cells only)

4. Customise Your Categories & Priorities

  • On the SETTINGS tab rename your categories and priorities to use in your daily schedule and to-do lists.
  • IMPORTANT: Update the white cells only

5. Plan Your Year

  • Start planning with your yearly plan!
  • On the OVERVIEW tab plan your year using the yearly overview calendar and the action plan for each quarter.

6. Plan Your Months

  • On the MONTHLY tabs (e.g., ‘Jan’) plan your months and complete your lists.
  • If you need to rename the lists, repeat Step 3 (update the SETTINGS tab).

7. Weekly & Daily Planning

  • On the WEEKLY tabs (e.g., ‘Jan – WEEKS’) plan your weeks and days.
  • You can fold the weeks you don’t need by clicking on the minus-icon on the left of the spreadsheet or unfold them by clicking on the little plus-icon.
  • Write down your weekly TOP 3 tasks.
  • Track your habits. Update the habits you are going to track by changing the text ‘Habit 1’, ‘Habit 2’ etc.
  • Track you daily water intake. Type the number of glasses in the white cells above the chart (update the zeros). If you want to track something else, then update the tracker on the SETTINGS tab. You can also set a goal by using a numeric value (e.g. 8 for “8 glasses of water” or 7 for “7 hours of sleep”). The chart in the weekly view will update automatically.

8. Personalise

  • Personalise your planner with your own colours and fonts (in the top panel). The default theme colours are saved under ‘Custom’ in the font and fill colour dropdown.
  • If desired, replace the header images with your own. To do this, click on the image and go to INSERT >> IMAGE >> INSERT AN IMAGE IN THE CELL. Choose your image. (For better results, your image should be square-sized, between 500*500px and 1000p*1000px)

Using The Planner For Next Years:

  1. Update the ‘Settings’ tab and clear all the entires.
  2. Clear ONLY white cells with your entries.
    ** To bulk clear cells, select the first cell >> holding ‘Shift’ + ‘Command’ >> click ‘Down Arrow’ >> hit ‘Delete’.

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