Savings + Debt Payoff Spreadsheet (SAND)

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Grow you wealth fast! Track up to 25 savings, set a goal, see how much you have saved & how much you have left to save.
Get rid of your debts sooner! Track up to 25 debts, see the exact monthly payments for each debt, the balance left to pay & your debt-free dates.
All calculations are done for you & most data is autofilled.
Very simple & easy to use + includes built-in guide.

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  • A PDF file with the link to your budget
  • A Pre-Filled Sample
  • Savings / Sinking Funds Tracker (fully automated, set a goal for each savings fund, graphs to see progress for each individual savings fund)
  • Debt Payoff / Debt Snowball Calculator (fully automated, monthly / weekly / bi-weekly / daily payments, choice of month to see how much you have left to pay, option to pay off extra towards any debt at any time)
  • Transactions Tracker (calendar date picker, categories dropdown with your custom categories, top expenses list, synchronised with other tabs)
  • BONUS – Your Spending Breakdown (see it on the Transactions tab & find out where most of your money goes!)


  • Quick & Easy – Easy built-in-guide & no long instructions!
  • Automated – All calculations are done for you & most data is autofilled.
  • SAVINGS:  Goal Setup – Set a goal for each savings fund & your contributions.
  • SAVINGS:  Multiple Payments – Add as many transactions as you want. The calculator will automatically combine them & show how much you have left to save.
  • SAVINGS:  View Progress – Charts showing how much you have saved & how much you have left to save.
  • DEBT:  Change a Month – In any given month see how much you have left to pay for each debt & what the balance will be after your payments.
  • DEBT:  Multiple Payments – Make monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or even daily payments! Simply add your payment to the Transactions tab & the calculator will show you the remaining balance.
  • DEBT:  Extra Payments – Pay extra towards any debt at any time! (instead of always directing money towards the smallest debt)
  • All Currencies – Choose your currency with 1 click.
  • Google Sheets – Access from any device & use for Free!


  • Create a FREE Google account (if you don’t have one)
  • Click the link in the PDF file & follow the Guide in your budget
  • That’s All!



This is an instant download (a digital product). The file can be used only with Google Sheets.


This product and its design is owned by us. You are granted a personal use license only. Commercial use,  reproduction and resale are not allowed.

3 reviews for Savings + Debt Payoff Spreadsheet (SAND)

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    What a great bundle of calculators! These are exactly I was searching for but could not find for a while. I am lucky to have found this shop!

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    So professional and beautiful

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    Could not be happier with these! 😍

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